Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A good week

Here are some pictures from my last week.  The retired teacher got to go to school.  Grandson Raymond and his class were sharing their traditions.

I can not tell you how happy I was to be hanging out with 2nd graders again.  They are truly amazing little people.  Raymond shared how each member of his family gets a new tree ornament each year. He also told how both of his grandmothers started this tradition when they had young families.  Each 2nd grader shared what their family does this time of year and it was delightful.  They were so literate and comfortable in their own skin.  I loved it.

I also traveled to Daybreak with my sister and her son to attend the Oquirrh Mountain Temple.  This beautiful nativity was out front.

It was so beautiful and monochromatic on a cold, frosty morning.

I loved Lynette's visit.  We sewed together, went and saw "The Book Thief," prepared Sunday dinner for the BYU student niece and nephew,  visited the "traditional" 2nd graders, had lunch at fun places like The Blue Lemon and Station 22 Cafe, quilt shop hopped, went to my book club, and braved the snow to attend the first Christmas Market in downtown Provo.  There was also lots of talking, knitting, hand sewing, and we each managed to get a small quilt machine quilted on "Big Bertha."  I have to say that after a year with my new Bernina 750, I am so happy to have this machine in my life.  It has enabled me to be a better quilt maker.  I also think that she has outlived "Big Bertha."  I overheard Lynette telling her husband via phone that she had been using the "Dream Machine."  So there you have it, "Dream Machine" it is!

Since Lynette flew home, I have been sewing secret projects (did you know that my grandchildren now check my blog) and these cocoa cups for my Quilty Fun Sew Along.  So appropriate for cold Utah.  I've been drinking an abundance of hot chocolate.

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