Friday, December 6, 2013

A final November birthday

Six members of the immediate family celebrate birthdays in November.  This sweet granddaughter celebrates each year as the November grand finale.

This year grandma got lucky.  The American Girl doll that I wanted her to eventually have went on sale at 60% off.  It was a deal I couldn't pass up and I thought she was now old enough to take care of Cecile, a historical doll figure from Louisiana.  My granddaughter was also born in Louisiana.

Julianna was pretty excited to find her own American Girl in the box.

She tucks her into her own bed every night and is trying very hard to keep those ringlets nice.  Her older sister is giving her tips.

The best part about this deal was that the doll also came with nightclothes.  In addition, a couple of her fancy dresses also went on sale, so grandma was able to start Julianna on her American Girl way with a great wardrobe while still being under her $100 budget.  Of course, grandma also likes to sew for American girls so that wardrobe will grow.  I am so blessed to have this enthusiastic little girl in my life.


LaNell said...

Perfect! and what a deal.

Anonymous said...

You really did find a good bargain and the doll has the same sweet expression on her face as your granddaughter.