Thursday, June 13, 2013

Traveling with the girls, part 3 - Temple Square

Sunday morning we were up early and on the road again, this time from Provo to Salt Lake City and Temple Square.  We wanted up front seats for Music and the Spoken Word with the Tabernacle Choir.

We planned on it being in the Conference Center where the choir moves to in the summer due to large tourist crowds.  Because they would be leaving the following Tuesday for a tour of the upper mid western United States, they remained in the Tabernacle for the first part of June.  I was so happy for it just seems right to attend a live broadcast of the Mormon Tab in the place which helped to name them.  The acoustics of this historic building are amazing.  It makes one feel as if they are awash in the sounds of the music.  The live broadcast starts at 9:30 am, but if you are in your seats at 8:30 you will also get to hear the dress rehearsal, two  performances instead of one! The girls loved the performance.

We then spent some time touring the grounds and visitor centers.  Alma was so excited to see this building in person.

The sun peaking around the spires as we left the Tabernacle.

The temple, looking much the same except for an Angel Moroni on top, on the east end.

There were no brides exiting the temple on this Sabbath Sunday.

The reflection pool.

A dream fulfilled.

Two friends experiencing a first time visit.

Samantha was responsible for introducing Alma to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

We also visited the Conference Center just north of Temple Square.  A guide graciously allowed us to go down to the main floor.

 This is where the choir will return to after their tour.

This building holds 21,000 people.

My granddaughter, Heather, sits next to the rainbow shining through one of the skylights.

Before leaving Salt Lake City, we drove up to the mouth of Emigration Canyon to see the  'This is the Place"'monument.

This monument honors many western explorers but most importantly Brigham Young who lead the Mormon pioneers to this valley in 1847 declaring,"Move on.  This is the right place."

On Tuesday we returned to downtown Salt Lake City to visit more buildings.

We toured the Beehive House.

We also went next door to . . .

the Lion House . . .

where we enjoyed a delicious meal in a booth on the lower level right behind this window.  We also visited the Church Office Building and spent a couple of hours in the Church Art History Museum.  We loved our late in the day visit.  No lines anywhere!

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