Monday, June 17, 2013

2nd Annual Father's Day Fishing

Early Saturday morning the troops headed south to Spring Lake for "grandpa style" fishing.

This was Oscar's first fishing trip.

He and grandpa caught a good one.

Oscar's comment, "The fish is all wet."

"The girls" also joined us.  They have been hanging with us waiting for EFY at BYU to start on June 17. Alma was a pro having fished many times with her dad.

Heather joined us last year as well.  She knows the best spot.

She has been a part of "the girls" this trip.  She went to a writing camp at BYU last week.

We were so happy to have our son, Dave, and his family join us in Utah this year.

They were checking out the fish on the opposite side of the pond.

I love this picture with all their reflections.

Little Mae was very interested in the whole process.

Sadie was a great first time fisherman.

Great fish Sadie!

Dave's wife, Sally, learns how to cast.

One of "the girls," Samantha.

The Ranes family joined us for a second time, although it was baby Opal's first time.

Oscar thinks that cousin Henry is the best.

Henry quickly caught his first fish.

Good looking fish Henry.

Soon brother Raymond had a bite.

Grandpa helped to pull it in.

Good job Ray!

Our toddlers who are now three and soon to be three. They grow up so fast!

Sweet Ruby was patient.

And soon had a fish to show.

There was also cousin talk on the creek bank.

The best thing about fishing at the trout farm is that they clean and fillet the fish for you.

This year this little crowd caught 32 fish!  I fried them up like my mother use to and served them the next day for our Father's Day dinner along with corn on the cob, roasted red potatoes with rosemary, and watermelon.  We also had BYU Creamery ice cream with cookies and brownies. Some of the fish are now in the freezer although our crowd of 18 did their best to eat up all 8 pounds of fish.  Actually, they may have eaten up all the fish but I quit frying so I could join in on the visiting.

My granddaughters are now taking their own photographs.  I loved how stylistic and carefully framed their photos are.  Seriously, how many times do we do this before it becomes a tradition? 

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