Sunday, June 9, 2013

Mesa Cemetery on Memorial Day

Grandkids spent the night and woke up with us on Memorial Day.  Glen and I always try to visit the Mesa Cemetery on Memorial Day.

We soon learned that this was their first visit to a cemetery.

They had many questions.

Glen and I have a little stillborn son, Nicholas, buried in a section reserved for children.

It was over 25 years ago but the memories of that hard time sometimes feel like yesterday.

After walking and talking about the headstones that we saw as we wandered about, we went to Brown and Center for sweet corn.  This is another Memorial Day tradition.  Surprise! This year they planted alfalfa on that lone section of farmland.  We went to Orange Patch instead.  Their corn was delicious as was the fresh salsa from grandma's garden tomatoes.

We had a lovely swim and backyard barbecue that evening.

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Susan said...

Heather must have forgotten about going to the cemetery in White Salmon while we were there last summer. We put flowers on my baby sister's grave. I'm glad these babies are being remembered and honored by their nieces!