Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Traveling with the girls, part 2 - Zion's Park

Our big stop on our drive to Provo was showing the girls Zion National Park.  It is Glen's favorite National Park.

First stop, a close up view of Checkerboard Mesa.

We have just traveled through the mile long tunnel inside the rock face in the background. Can you see the window?

Looking back at Lookout Point.

Girls heading out to walk The Narrows maintained trail.

The Virgin River runs through this canyon with tall rock on both sides.  This is a rushing river during run off time in the Spring.

It is a lovely bird call filled walk.

I loved the texture in this growth of snake grass.

Some of the rock walls weep encouraging plant growth.

Hanging gardens in a shady canyon.

More texture.

A diversity of plants.

Including Columbines.

And soon we are at the end of  the trail.

Those going further will be river hiking.

We say many wet hikers going the opposite direction having started earlier in the day at the head waters and hiking down stream.

Alma loved the chipmunks and had a hard time not feeding them, the little beggars.  Thus this picture with  a sign reminding her why is wasn't a good idea.  On the trolley ride back to the visitor's center a woman showed me a video of a chipmunk eating a lizard on this same walk.  Did you know that chipmunks are carnivores?  Shocking!  Good thing Glen kept telling the girls not to put their fingers in the chipmunks faces.

A glimpse of the river looking upstream enticing hikers on.

As the sun sets in the west, a final shot of the rock wall back at the beginning of our walk.  This place truly is awe inspiring and so beautiful.  It was worth the added hours and a near midnight arrival in Provo.

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