Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Why I have not blogged much

I began to blog in November 2007 when my DIL set up a google account and designed a blog for me. She said, "Enough of commenting on everyone's blog. You have enough to say to blog yourself."

Turns out it was one of my best gifts ever. No more feeling guilty about not keeping a consistent journal for I found that I loved the blogging format. It was a fun way to share parts of my life with pictures and to connect with family, friends, and even strangers. It was a place of reflection as one has to think before one writes. I love that it also organizes my life. Type a search term up in the corner and there is the recipe I need away from home. Click on a name on the side bar and then cry as you realize how quickly those grand babies are growing up.

So, every time I upload a picture there is a little message saying how much storage I have left at the bottom of the page. I ignored it for over 4 years until this month when I learned that I was probably going to have to "pay the piper." Yup, I had used most of my 1024 GB. Yesterday's post was one I was going to write a month or so ago. I finished it because the pictures were already uploaded. Today, there was only room left for this cute little origami "Google."

Speaking of origami, if you are interested in apps which demonstrate doing origami in 3D, check out Learn2Make created by son #2. He's finally making some money based on his college degree in Computer Animation by designing apps. You will also find balloon twisting and he has also created a few games. They love his games in Brazil, and I don't even think they know that he has a beautiful Brazilian wife. The Brazilian beauty received great news last week. She has been accepted to dental hygiene school. She decided that was a better route than trying to become a licensed physical therapist in the United States as her training in Brazil in physical therapy was so much different than in the States. She is so excited and so am I!

Back to Google. While I was in California helping with my daughter's family (yes, I'm going to be a grandma #11 and yes, just like pregnancy #1 & #2, nothing seems to stay down) she explained that my free days were over and explained my options to me and helped me figure out how much storage I might need a year. This morning I got out the credit card and purchased additional storage which automatically renews each year on this date (unless I cancel.)

When I called my hubby and told him blogging was going to cost him money he told me it was worth it. Yes, unlike some fellow bloggers, my husband loves to read my blog and I even pretty much tell him everything in person every day, too. Sweet man!


Betty Lou said...

I guess we will all get to that point, so far I am about 55% used, so maybe another year or so. I started my blog Jan 2011 and just posted by 202nd post. I am a relatively quiet person and I didn't know I had that much to say. It is a good outlet and responsibility to keep my blog current and interesting. I enjoy reading yours. We have 9 grandchildren, three are technically not ours, but they call us Grandma and Papa, so we count them. Also have 7 great grandchildren. Our oldest grandaughter has 6 children.

Susan said...

I've been paying for my book review blog for a couple of years now, mostly so I could get a .com address instead of a one. I've found it to be totally worth it.

I'm glad you'll still be blogging. I love reading all your thoughts and feelings on such a wide variety of subjects. Keep it up!

Marilyn R. Wilson said...

How weird - I had no idea that it would end up costing me eventually. I will have to look into it.

I wanted to share that it was a friend who pushed me into blogging. I loved writing magazine articles but struggled to find a way to practice between assignments and to try my hand at other types of writing.

When she first said to blog I turned up my nose. But she followed with who cares if anyone reads it, it's for you! Voila!

I now am addicted and the real joy is that people do stop by and read it.

Olio By Marilyn