Friday, March 23, 2012

What comes around, goes around all over again

I'm not good at self-portraits nor do I like many pictures of myself, but I give you this one because you need to know about the velcro rollers (yes, you do just roll them into place and they stay put) I've placed in my hair. My hair dresser told me about these rollers and how she thought that they might add some volume and spunk to my fine, thin hair. They do that but they also took me back in time.

Everything seems to recycle, doesn't it? Here is a picture of myself about the time I started high school. How did I style it? I wore hard plastic rollers secured by bobbi pins to bed every night! Ouch! The other option was to wear hard plastic rollers during the day covered by a scarf. Does anyone else remember how people went shopping or about town with scarf covered rollers?

So 45 years later, I have basically the same hair style, minus quite a few strands. And the same style eye glasses. Wish I had the same body.

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Nichelle said...

i love those old glasses that fade in color to the bottom! i love your old bob!