Saturday, March 17, 2012

International Quilt Day and gardens

I'm celebrating International Quilting Day by announcing that all the rows are finished on my Aunt Grace's Garden quilt. Thanks to a bit of participation in March Madness, I officially completed the hand applique on the final strip last night.

It was the first time that I have worked with making bias strips for the vines.

Here is another row finished this week with hand appliqued hexi flowers.

It is comprised of two different blocks for setting the flowers and three of the same block which is rotated in the strip.

Blue flower block. . .

and red flower block.

I also completed these two rows, both the same but a slightly different with subtle fabric changes in the small triangle settings .

Several fabrics were directional and I did not get them going in the same direction. When cutting squares and then cutting on the diagonal, is it necessary to use just one of the resulting triangles?

There was a middle rectangle with a change of angles in the middle.

I felt it most appropriate to hang these quilt rows in Aunt Laurel's Garden for photos. Aunt Grace's Garden "row of the month" was sent in rows each month to symbolize a garden layout. Now on to the outline borders of those rows and the scallop border around the whole of it.

And because it is prime garden time in Arizona, I offer you pictures from my garden.

This is the view out of my sewing room window while sitting at the machine. It's a wonder that I can even remain inside at times.

The bougainvillea in all their glory. A year ago winter's hard freeze pruned them back a bit, but they are now back in all their glory.

The sun was back lighting them in these pictures.

A front is blowing in today and I'm afraid that many of these beautiful bracts will soon be floating in the pool.

Seriously, is not the color amazing.

Oh, the delight of an Arizona spring.

If I stand to go to the cutting table, this is the other view out the sewing room window.

Geraniums, petunias, and strawberries.

I found this geranium on my last visit to Berridge Nursery. There was not a bloom on it but I fell in love with the leaves. Now I'm in love with the gentle blooms.

And, please don't eat the daisies!


Laraine Eddington said...

Your quilt blocks are amazing but they can't quite compete with your garden flowers. So lovely.

lobunker said...

You have turned into a prolific quilter, have you not?!?! Beautiful work. I started my How the Grinch stole Christmas quilt--believe it or not these square and rectangles are giving me a geometry challenge I did not expect.

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