Friday, January 20, 2012

oranges and broccoli

I know that it may seem silly to post a picture of three oranges, but these are special oranges. Several years ago Glen and I planted four dwarf and semi-dwarf citrus trees in large containers. The first season we had clementines and Meyer lemons. This year there were finally some navel oranges, these three. The Lisbon lemon tree also finally shared, one lemon which did not get a picture, but did get a taste taste. Much more tart than my favorite Meyers.

The best thing from the garden this month, broccoli. Of course, it all came on at the same time. I took a bag full to Toby because broccoli is one of his favorite foods. He was thrilled and probably ate his straight up. I, however, made broccoli cheese soup.


Susan said...

Thanks to you, Toby's turning into a bit of a broccoli snob. He scarfed down all of what you brought him (we steamed it). When he wanted more broccoli, I offered him the frozen kind and he turned up his nose because "Grandma's is better." LOL

Laurel said...

He needs to plant some of his own. I love Toby!