Saturday, November 20, 2010

Toby, TBall, and Pomegranates

Toby, who loves Grandpa Glen sooo much, turned six this week. Toby got to spend the night with grandma and grandpa last night. It was definitely his turn as all the cousins except those living out of the country or not potty trained, had come other times in November.

He built Fort Apache in the backyard.

He wanted me to be sure and tell you that the room in the corner is the jail. He also played with the magnets, blew up rocket balloons, and played with grandpa's "gizmo" toys.

Toby helped me harvest pomegranates this morning. I climbed the ladder and he put them in the basket. I usually wait until the day before Thanksgiving, but a storm front is moving in and I didn't want them all splattered on the concrete. We must have pomegranate salad on turkey day. Anybody want to come on Wednesday evening to help get all the seeds out? This is how it's done. That Martha Stewart is pretty clever.

Those are golden pomegranates. The seeds are golden colored and a bit sweeter than the red. My BIL, Lowell, brought us a start from his mother's trees in Bunkerville , Nevada many years ago. Glen has patiently trained it to arch over our garden gate. The harvest this year is the best ever.

After a breakfast of the only sugared cereal he could find in the pantry (not really a breakfast of champions :) we were off to a tee ball double header at the park. He continued on to the end of the season team party at Peter Pipers Pizza. I did not.

Grandpa and Grandma loved your visit cute boy!


Janae said...

Tball in the fall? Is that right? We'd sure love a visit from Toby too!

Laurel said...

Tball in the fall and all games on Saturday. Not such a bad way to go.

I asked Toby if he wanted to ichat with Raymond, but he was too busy playing with Grandpa's cool stuff.