Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ebelskivers and grand girls

This morning it took me over an hour to prepare breakfast. My three oldest granddaughters had joined me for a "grand girls sleepover." I had planned for weeks to make them ebelskivers for breakfast.

I had purchased this cookbook at Williams Sonoma after Glen had presented me with the Lodge cast iron ebelskiver pan on a whim. I made the vanilla batter filled with cream cheese mixture ebelskivers. I was very good and got out all the necessary bowls, utensils, and ingredients before beginning. I even followed the directions and separated the eggs and whipped up the egg whites to be folded in at the end. No, that didn't take an hour, but cleaning the pan after trying to turn them before they were done enough did increase the time. I had to let the pan cool down enough to totally clean it so we could try again.

I filled the rounded depressions with two tablespoons of batter after brushing with melted butter and waiting for it to sizzle. I then quickly added a teaspoon full of the cream cheese mixture to each one.

Then one more tablespoon of batter was added to cover the filling. Then I patiently waited for the ebelskivers to be cooked through enough to turn over using these, also from Williams Sonoma.

Viola, this time it worked!

Two more times with all depressions filled and then an additional last four and we were done.

The girls tried to help me eat them up, which we were unable to do. Luckily, Dave stopped by on his way to work to check on his girls and ate a few.

We had our first 40's degree low this Fall last night. My long breakfast meant that sun had come to warm up in the backyard when they finally ventured outside. They love Grandpa Glen's garden paradise.

Both front and back. I love how their imaginations work and how creative they are in their play.

The movie "Ramona and Beezus" came out on DVD this week. I had taken Heather and TJ last summer to see it and Heather and I enjoyed it, so I made a point of purchasing the DVD so my girls and I could watch it at our sleepover. We laughed and laughed, ate popcorn, and danced through the closing credits. They also wanted to watch all the extras. Maybe they were trying to procrastinate bedtime!

Other highlights:
Oscar and Nichelle's visit
Story time and pick a "Children's Friend"
Fairy books and fairy drawing frenzy
Extended day as all joined in on going to Heather's house to watch Toby and Julianna while Susan was at the doctor
Making our own longest picture in the world
Playing in Heather's backyard as we watched a storm roll in over the Superstitions
Talking to Ruby and Sadie about growing up on a dairy farm and my father, Gary, as we passed the the Jersey dairy farm on Elliot Road


Laraine said...

Even though I'm much too old, I want to be your granddaughter.

Susan said...

Ah ha! Mystery solved. Heather and Ruby were telling me all about something really yummy they had at Grandma's house, but I could not for the life of me figure out what they were talking about. Now I know! Looks delicious :)

Thanks so much for having Heather over and for watching the kids while I went to the doctor. We're all lucky to have you in our lives!