Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Let there be light

Arizonans are used to sunlight, lots of sunlight. Each year as the shortest day of the year approaches I wonder how those who live in Alaska or Scandinavia survive on just an hour or two of sunlight. Every morning at sunrise, I open the garden gate so that my tomatoes can move out of its shadow and soak in just a bit more sun. This week those tomatoes have also worn a nightly frost blanket. We've been unseasonably cold, which of course makes it feel all the more like Christmas.

Hubby spent a week and with the use of helpers brought some light to our home. Perhaps the extra darkness drives the urge to add lights to one's world. This year's favorite new addition is these sparkling "gum drop trees."

I was the special helper who got to pull out my reasoning skills to help make perfect drapes with a set length of light strands along the Italian cypress flower bed wall.

Those colored lights hanging above the flowers look pretty in daylight as well.

I also put up tree #1 today. Let there be light inside as well!

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Janae said...

Looks great Mom, this is the best time of year for Grandma and Grandpa's house!