Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween was prep day

I spent Halloween prepping for a screening colonoscopy. Anyone who has been there and done that needs no further information. Those who haven't can wait until it is their turn. Suffice to say that Glen answered the door for the neighborhood trick or treaters.

He had some help. Jill and Lynette brought Kimber for an appointment today at St. Joseph's Hospital in their CF unit. Kimber was able to beat Glen to the door most doorbell rings. It was great to visit with them and to have them in our home overnight. Looks like we will be blessed with monthly visits while Jill and her family are living in Arizona - even if it is in what may be the closest house to the border along the whole Utah/Arizona boundary.

Janae, look who I kidnapped from Provo :)

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Janae said...

So glad you are through with that! And good steal from Provo. . . that is five years old now!!