Friday, September 24, 2010

Mabel Ann's blessing dress

Sweet Mabel will be given a name and a blessing on Sunday morning. I finally finished and then delivered her dress and accessories this evening. When I held her, she talked to me in her gentle little voice and that was all the thanks I needed.

This is called a Bishop dress and the smocking goes all the way around the dress.

The dress is partially sewn together before being put through the pleater. I then smocked the blue foundation, blocked the smocking to size, and then embroidered the roses over the smocking.

The buttons go up the back. I also embroidered roses around the bottom on top of the ribbon and lace trim at the hemline.

Rather than elastic in the sleeves, I also smocked around the sleeve and added a rose as well.

And here are her matching accessories. Now she will be ready for her early morning Sunday special event. My fingers would tell you, "That's a lot of roses!"

Here is Mabel with her other grandma last week in Utah. She is such a sweet little dumpling!


Janae said...

Favorite blessing dress yet!! Good work mom, the little roses are amazing. You truly have a gift!

Susan said...

It's beautiful, Laurel. The slippers are especially sweet. Can't wait to see her in them tomorrow!

Laraine Eddington said...

You are an artist Laurel. That is a beautiful blessing gown.

Emilia Julia and Ryan Jensen said...

Wowww Laurel. What amazing project is that. Prefectly beautiful. I loved the dress and the accessories that go with it. The roses are simply beautiful an well done. Mable will look even more adorable in that dress.