Sunday, September 26, 2010

Don't tell my grandchildren. . .

but we had a "grandkids sleepover" without them.

Uncle Glen played host this weekend to his sister, Wylene and her husband, Leioni. They brought with them their three youngest grandchildren.

Leioni named after Grandpa



Grandpa Leioni is a hands on grandpa. His cousin was getting married here in Arizona, thus the visit. We love it when they come for weddings. Tongan weddings always have full extended family support (and lots of yummy food and dancing.)

We took Wylene to Tia Rosa's and enjoyed lots of visiting. Oni and the grandkids enjoyed the pool.

It was so fun to have new faces at grandma's breakfast bar. Come back soon!

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Miriam Ika Marshall said...

looks like so much fun!! i am so sad i missed it, with the new job i did not get the days off i was hoping for.. a visit is in order!!! LOVE the post, thanks for taking care of my family!!