Thursday, September 2, 2010

What's a mother to do?

NOTHING! I have no control over this week of weather assaults on my daughter and her family.

There they are like sitting ducks in the middle of the ocean just waiting their turn to be blown and pummeled.

First Earl came knocking followed by Fiona whose personality wasn't all that strong, thank goodness! Now they await Gaston (I only wish this was an animated movie.) Danielle at least had the decency to follow her own northerly path.

I guess I'll put this little on site cutie in charge! It looks like he is ready to fight back!

Go get them little hurricane storm trooper!

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Janae said...

Don't worry mom! We've got a hurricane veteran in our family... Andrew's been through a few and he's still around.

I'll gear up for Gaston as soon as we are finally moved over to our new place. We will be sleeping there Sunday on. Hopefully he isn't worse than Earl.