Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blessing day

My third son, David, blessed his third daughter on Sunday. He gave her a name, Mabel Ann, and then blessed her to live a beautiful life with special characteristics and gifts of the spirit. It was a wonderful blessing.

Grandpa peeked and tells me that Mabel gave her daddy a big smile as he began to speak and then intently watched his face with wide open eyes as he blessed her.

All of our lives have been enriched as we welcome this little one into our family circle. The Priesthood blessings in all their forms are indeed a gift.

Sally is special mother for her lovely little brood of girls.

Dave and Sally have created a wonderful family of sisters.

Luckily for grandma, it was also the Sunday for the Primary Program, so I got to hear Ruby and Sadie sing and do their speaking parts.

If you would like to see Ruby and Sadie as "ladybugs" at the ladybug picnic, go HERE. SOOO cute!

I love it when family members converge to celebrate these special occasions. Aunt Emilia took a turn giving Mabel snuggles. Sally and her sister Amy prepared a most delicious brunch making for a very special Sunday morning.

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