Saturday, October 2, 2010

Traveling with the girls

Sometimes I tag along in the car to Yuma with Sally and her girls. We meet up with Glen and Dave after their client meetings. I then hop in the car with Glen for a ride back to Mesa and Dave joins the girls for the remainder of their trip to San Diego and the other grandparents.

This time I took the middle seat so that I could watch this little one sleep or find her pacifier.

And this one who is great with buckling seat belts and running the DVD player. I picked her up from school today, early, the first time anyone has picked her up from school early. It made me a bit homesick for my elementary teaching days. She will have an extra week of Fall break.

Sally was our trusted driver and partial wedding planner.

Two great events are coming for she and her family the next two weeks. Tara, in white, will marry and their brother, Troy, will be returning from the Albanian Mission. This picture of Sally and her mother and sisters was taken at Tara's bridal shower during our last Utah trip.

I love this picture of Tara flanked by her grandmothers. How fortunate she is to still have them both in her life at this special time.

Yesterday Mabel's baby afghan was also delivered to her. Finally!

Since I learned to knit over a year ago, I have knitted rather than crocheted Oscar's and Mabel's afghans. The process takes a bit longer but I really like the results.

So, before I leave the girls, did you visit the "Ladybug Picnic?" To help in your viewing, look for numbers LP 129, 132, 134, 145, and 148.

Love my girls!

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