Monday, October 11, 2010

During the last trip to Utah. . .

Nephew Cory joined us at the gardens. He was careful and did not drive his Segway off the highest man-made waterfall in the western hemisphere.

We watched a bridal shoot at the Italian fountain. It has been great to visit monthly and see how the garden changes.

It was Plein Air Art Festival time and we watched several artists at work.

The secret garden was very quiet, just us and the artist. Cory's wife, Elizabeth, took this picture.

The mountains were beginning to change color. I took this photo from the kitchen balcony as the moon came up.

We kidnapped cousin Jill from the Primary Children's Hospital and took her to lunch at Ruth's Diner. Jill is my hero. Her two year old had just been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis and Jill still had a smile on her face. It broke my heart to see her baby in that hospital bed.

While Glen went on appointments, I finished the embroidery on Mabel's dress.

We also walked the Provo River Trail portion closest to Utah Lake and purchased just picked peaches and honey crisp apples to bring home.

It was nice to be in Utah in September.


Janae said...

September in Utah is the best. I'm glad you get to go up there so often. How are the new house-sitters in the condo?

Laurel said...

Both couples are extremely easy to like and it's going well. Biggest problem is that a parking past got misplaced in the wedding rush.