Sunday, August 22, 2010

Glen's Utah office

We've just returned from a working vacation, family wedding, and week of learning. It will take more than one post to cover it all. With our annual pass to Thanksgiving Point Gardens, Glen can choose to conduct his business calls in a beautiful setting. This time we didn't save much as it was a "Two Dollar Tuesday." We learned that this is what they do during August to draw in the locals. Great idea! We saw many young families taking advantage of this opportunity.

We love to go in the early morning or evening when the light takes on a special glow.

Every time we go, something else has become the star.

This visit, it was the rudbeckia.

The flower beds lining the stream bed were especially beautiful.

As we walked back up the hill, the sun began to sink in the west.

The sprinkler had left behind water droplets.

Glen's unique profile at the bottom of the hill.

The same hill from the top. I'm so glad that the founders of Word Perfect decided to share their wealth with the community by creating this beautiful place.

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