Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brittany's Bridal Shower (Ostler style)

The Friday morning before the wedding Aunt Janis hosted a traditional "Ostler style" shower for Brittany. Most of the friends and family had arrived in town and the female members joined together at the townhouse for a yummy brunch. Both mothers were in attendance, Lynette and Kennedy, and that is Carmen, Dane's sister holding the gift bag. Brittany is wearing the apron I had made for her.

My traditional shower gift is an apron and a cookbook of easy meals (the best kind for busy students.) I don't always make the apron, but this time I had a special one in mind for Britt.

We had a fun crowd of friends and family. Most ohhed and ahhed over present was Lisa's bikini made of latex rubber gloves. Such talent! (That is Dane's other sister, Claire, in the hat.)

Aunt Becky's crew also gave Britt matching pajama pants for she and Dane.

Janis and Jenny out did themselves assembling and purchasing the perfect "going away outfit" at a thrift store. This is an Ostler tradition which thankfully began after my marriage. Brittany's had a special flair appropriate for her Costa Rican honeymoon. I offered her $100 if she could show me proof (picture) of her wearing it in a public place in Costa Rica.

The Ostler aunts join Brittany in showing off her bounty.

Here are the cousins and cousins-in-law who were there to show their support.

Janis had taken time to interview Dane by phone will he was in still in Washington, D. C. We found that Brittany knew him fairly well and we also learned all about their special love story. Britt loves sunflowers and Dane had sent a bunch with his mother for his bride to be. True love!

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Nichelle said...

so many things to comment on in this post, where do i begin?! you sisters were CRACKING me up in that picture where you're all wearing one of pieces of that crzy ensemble! Laurel, I am gonna need you to do that pose at family functions more often. I don't know which is funnier, Jolene in that bikini or Lynette with the bag on the head. I wish I would have known about the Ostler bridal shower tradition of a getaway outfit, I really missed out. Brittany is GORGEOUS! What a beautiful bride. I really missed out on a fun time, I wish I could have gone:(