Sunday, August 22, 2010

Brittany's and Dane's Wedding Day

We had the special privilege of being involved in the wedding festivities for Brittany & Dane while in Utah.

They were married in the Mt. Timpanogos Temple for time and all eternity.

Relatives and friends came from all over to help them celebrate this special time.

Dane had just finished an internship in Washington, D. C. and Brittany had spent two weeks of her summer in Haiti helping develop small business plans, but now it was their day. It was a beautiful summer day with the Wasatch Mountains in the background.

Brittany's bridesmaids, two friends and two cousins, waited to greet them along with other friends and family as they exited the temple.

High school friends from Centennial near Denver, flew in to spend time with Brittany during this special week before heading back to school in far flung places including Shanghai. They were known as the "smart" ones.

Dane received congratulations,too. His groomsmen were friends from high school in Orem and roommates from BYU.

Brittany's cousin Emily is also Dane's cousin, and thus they met! Emily is a Thorley, but her mother is a Bunker. That's Emily looking down at her flowers as Dane looks on. Her other cousin, Stephanie, is at far left. Stephanie, Emily, and Brittany were roommates their first year at BYU. Dane served a mission to Korea before meeting Brittany.

Lowell greets his beautiful and only daughter.

She was a stunning bride!

Lynette had fun joining her daughter in the hunt for the perfect dress. This was their absolute favorite. I love the bodice shirring, asymmetrical front, and beading.

The only grandparent in attendance was Lowell's mother, Rosalie. That is her peeking over Lowell's shoulder. I'm sure that the rest of them were there with us in spirit.

Younger brother, Logan, and proud mama, Lynette.

Brittany made all the hair ornaments for herself and her bridesmaids. I loved the special details on her dress including the beautifully detailed back.

After the Noon marriage sealing and pictures, family and friends meet at Mimi's Cafe at a luncheon hosted by Dane's parents Kennedy and Steven. It was a delightful meal with special remarks including the reading of a poem composed by Brittany's brother, Elder Jason Bunker currently serving a mission in the Vancouver, British Columbia Mission.

After the luncheon, we raced back to the townhouse to gather food and supplies for the evening reception. Tables and chairs had been set up the night before. Now it was time for table cloths, flowers, and food.

Guests were greeted at the garden gate of a beautiful home in the foothills of Mt. Timpanogos in Orem not far from that of Dane's parents. The backyard of this home was the perfect setting for the reception.

The guests signed the guest book where a favor bag filled with Brittany's favorite snack, white chocolate covered pretzels, awaited them.

Part of my early arrival time was spent helping to tie the ribbons.

Brittany's colors were navy blue and copper. The tables were simply decorated with lanterns and sprigs of flowers.

The bouquet.

The cake was red velvet and was served to guests.

The backyard was in two levels. The line stood on the patio.

And the refreshments and more seating were up above. The round roofed patio included an outdoor kitchen where I spent most of my time.

The bride maids and groomsmen line up just below the infinity edged pool.

The guests included: (did not get pictures of all the family:( Sorry!)

Olds cousins, Amber, Stephanie, Erin

Uncle Steven Olds and Aunt Margaret (Lowell's sister)

Brother Kyle who is writing a note to Jason about the day. Lynette had prepared note paper as well as an addressed stamped envelope for family to share with Elder Jason Bunker their own thoughts about this special day.

Kyle had flown in from Washington, D.C. where he had just completed his first week of medical school at Georgetown University.

Cousin Lisa holding her niece, Emma; Cousin Sarah; friend Lizzy; Aunt Becky

Uncle Steve and Aunt Jolene

All of my siblings were able to be in attendance. I did not get pictures of Janis and Farrell.

Cousin Rick's arm and Cousin Karl

Brother Gary, who is on his way to Indiana next week to start pharmacy school at Butler University.

Uncle Glen and again, Brother Gary

Groom and Bride with Sarah, Emma, and Lizzy

The patio is also where the cutting of the cake and the dancing occurred.

I did not see the dancing and the cake cutting because I spent the evening here in the outdoor kitchen. That is Becky in the background cutting cake. We served fresh fruit, cake, cream puffs, and in the foreground, the famous homemade ice cream sandwiches. Under each platter is a glass cake pan full of dry ice.

Brittany's biggest food wish was for homemade ice cream sandwiches. Earlier in the week, both ovens at the townhouse were used to make hundreds of vanilla, lemon, and almond shortbread cookies edged with raw sugar crystals. Then they were assembled the next day in the house next door then stored in the basement freezer of the gracious host and hostess. Lisa and Sarah took turns running the stairs from basement to upstairs kitchen to deliver the frozen treats a few at a time. They were delish!

Final flavors were vanilla with strawberry ice cream, lemon with vanilla bean ice cream, and almond with peach ice cream. Guess which kind was most favored! Almond peach, followed by vanilla strawberry. The only kind left in the townhouse freezer for Britt and Dane are lemon with vanilla.

How, you may ask, did I get these lovely pictures if I spent all my time in the kitchen? Special thanks to the beautiful Ashley, wife of my nephew Mark, for borrowing my camera.

Great job Ashley!

And Glen's job? Keeper of the flames!


Laraine Eddington said...

I loved sharing in Brittany's wedding via your photos. Max remembers that he and Cory Heal always used to fight over who could braid Brittany's hair in grade school. She is a beautiful bride.

Susan said...

Looks like it was a beautiful wedding. Glad you had fun!

Janae said...

Wow, you were busy! Looks like a beautiful wedding day. I love her dress as well. Now that you and Lynette have both married off your only daughters, you can relax, right?

Laurel said...

I can relax more than Lynette. I've married off all my children, daughter AND sons!