Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Small quilts from scraps for Christmas

This year for Christmas I made small quilts for the granddaughters who had received "Little House on the Prairie" dresses, aprons, sun bonnets and dressed cloth dolls for their birthdays in 2016.  I used the scraps leftover from this big sewing project.

Each quilt was about 21" by 21".

This is Julianna with her doll and now she has a quilt.

Each small quilt had a backing of Little House on the Prairie logo fabric.

I had a great time photographing these quilts in my Arizona backyard before wrapping them up for delivery.  The leaves were long gone at my home in Utah where all the sewing took place. I loved these yellow leaves on my pomegranate tree.

Those are one inch squares of fabric.

I couldn't resist the pepper plants either.

Ruby with her doll with matching dress which now also has a quilt.

This quilt also has one inch squares.  I love the nine patches and secondary diamonds.

More Arizona blooms and yes, it was in December.

I machine quilted this quilt as well as the three before.

Sadie with her doll with matching dress.

This small quilt was hand quilted and was the first that I finished.  I knew I would never get them all done if they were all hand quilted.


 I photographed this quilt in front of the bougainvillea.

I liked the pop of blue.

Mabel and her doll with matching dress.

One of these small quilts is not like the others.  What, oh what, to do for the little brother?  And then I remember his current cow obsession and Lori Holt's cow block as part of Farm Vintage and I made the biggest size cow block for the little guy.

He loved it and I understand it goes to bed with him.  I really enjoyed putting together their small quilts!

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Susan said...

Love these sweet small quilts! The cow is especially adorable. The quilts' recipients are all pretty adorable, too :)