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Gary R Ostler and Velva Ruth Nyborg

 Perhaps the most difficult family history couple to share is that of your own parents.  I have written more in my own story which has been added to bit by bit but not finished.  This is a brief history of my parents who I admire so much for their ability to endure hard things and for their love and service, especially my mother.  The above picture is one of only two I have seen where both are in the same picture.

Gary R Ostler was born on 26 May 1928 in Idaho Falls, Idaho to George Lloyd Ostler and Georgianna Ricks. He grew up on a farm near Sugar City, Idaho that had originally been been homesteaded by his great grandfather, John Lloyd Roberts, then farmed by his grandfather, Alfred Ricks, and his father, George. He bought the farm from his father in 1955. He continued to farm much as his father had and with a large herd of Jersey cows. He grew mostly alfalfa on his 80 acres. He would often take his prize cows to the Madison County Fair. He would create a "play pen" out of straw bales. People going by would compliment him on his "blue ribbon" children. During the winter he worked in the laboratory at the sugar factory in Ammon, Idaho. He had rheumatic fever as a boy and many health problems during his life. He attended Idaho State University, served in the Southern States Mission, and met his wife while in the Ashton Hospital. One day he came in from the fields having lost sight in one eye. His health continued to decline from that point. He and his family moved to Tempe, Arizona in 1964. In 1976 the family then moved to Provo, Utah where he continued to be bed ridden until his death on 17 January 1978. He is buried in the Provo Cemetery.

 Gary with his brother, Max

A closeup of Max and Gary

I think my school pictures as a child looked most like this one and I had freckles, too!

He had lots of black wavy hair his whole 50 years but his facial hair was red.

That squalling baby he is holding is me. 

Gary holding his only son, Farrell

His children through the years. . . when there were five.

Now there are six with their sweet mother, Velva. 
Gary is now bedridden and unable to be in the picture.

All six children together in 2009;
Laurel, Farrell, Janis, Lynette, Becky, and Jolene.

 Velva on front porch of her parents' home in Ashton, Idaho.

Velva between her two oldest brothers on back row at the beginning of WWII.

Velva Ruth Nyborg was born 7 July 1924 at the ranch in a log home on a hill north of Conant Creek. She married Gary R Ostler from Sugar City, Idaho, and they became the parents of six children: Laurel Ann, Farrell Lynn, Janis Ruth, Lynette Deon, Rebecca Jean, Jolene Nyborg 

She received three years of schooling at Drummond and five years at France. She attended the first three years of high school in St. Anthony where she lived with the Roy Callow family who had a farm in the France area and a winter home in St. Anthony. She attended her last year of high school in Ashton graduating in the Class of 1941. 

Upon completion of high school, she began nurses training, and during World War II, joined the Women's Army Corp (WACS) serving most of the time in an Army hospital in Oakland, California. Upon her discharge, she attended Brigham Young University in Provo, where she completed her studies as a medical laboratory technician. She returned to the Ashton area and worked in the new Ashton Hospital with Dr. A.A. Krueger as the first lab technician when Ashton Memorial Hospital opened in June 1950. Her father was so proud to have his oldest daughter serving the community. While working at the hospital, she met a young man from Sugar City, who was a patient there, and they later married. They lived in Sugar City for several years where they farmed, had a dairy, and Velva worked at Madison Memorial Hospital. In the mid 1960s they moved to Tempe, Arizona, because of Gary's failing health, and Velva worked at the Arizona State Hospital for a time before joining a medical clinic and opening a lab for several doctors. When their children were of college age, they moved to Provo, Utah, where Gary passed away, and Velva worked at Utah Valley Hospital as the laboratory supervisor until she retired and moved back to Arizona.  Velva died on 12 October 1999 in Arizona.  Velva is buried in the Provo Utah Cemetery next to Gary.

Velva with her brother, Lowell, on the ranch at Conant Creek.

Her brother, Elden, pulls Velva and Lowell in their wagon.

Percy Nyborg sits in his car while his children sit on the running board.
Velva is holding her younger sister, Elna.
 Velva signing in as a WAC during WWII with her brother, Elden, in the background.

Elden and Velva in Ogden, Utah

Formal WAC portrait

Velva with her mother and siblings on the ranch in mid 1960's.
Back row L to R; Elden, Nola, Lowell, Elna, Milton Gerald, Velva, Keith.
Rhoda Ann Foote Nyborg sits in front.

Picture taken in early stages of dementia which would slowly take her life for eight years 

Sketch by my son, Ryan, from a picture taken in the later stages of the disease.

Grave marker in the Provo Cemetery

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