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Jordan Brady and Mary Lavina Howell

Timeline: Life of Jordan Brady and Mary Lavina Howell

1843 June 7 - Jordan was born in Nauvoo, Hancock, Illinois to Lindsey Anderson Brady and Elizabeth A Hendrickson

1844 Nov 27 - Mary was born in New York, New York to Edmund Wheeler Howell  and Sarah Vail

1850's - Jordan and Mary become acquainted as children at Union Fort near Salt Lake City

1861 Dec 10 - Jordan Brady and Mary Lovina Howell are married in Fairview, Sanpete, Utah

1880 Census: Fairview, Sanpete, Utah with spouse; 9 kids
1900 Census: Fairview, Santpete, Utah with spouse; 4 kids
1910 Census: Fairview, Sanpete, Utah with spouse
1930 Census: Fairview, Sanpete, Utah with spouse

1934 May 27 - Jordan died in Fairview
1934 Sep 20 - Mary died in Fairview
Both are buried in the Upper Fairview Cemetery

At Union Fort in Utah, Jordan and Mary became close friends and met again at North Bend (Fairview) where their romance blossomed into a marriage ceremony performed by Jehu Cox on December 10, 1861. Jordan was 18; Mary was 17. They were among the first settlers of North Bend. In these early pioneer years at Fairview, Jordan helped build the fort, roads and bridges. He helped clear the unbroken land and dig the ditches. With his father, he helped plant and harvest the few acres allotted to them. He helped herd the community flocks and guard against the treacherous Indians. He took part in the skirmishes and became a veteran of the notable Black Hawk War. Their first home which was built of logs, like other homes, could boast of a dirt floor and roof which leaked terribly that first winter. In 1866 they made a team and wagon trip to the Endowment House in Salt Lake City where they were sealed for time and all eternity on April 30, with Apostle Wilford Woodruff officiating. Those early years at Fairview, were fraught with trial, adventure and hardship, But joy and happiness also were felt in their modest home. It was the year 1882 and Jordan was in the prime of life; just beginning his 40th year. The Lord had blessed their home with ten lovely children; a comfortable home; farm property; horses and other animals; as well as stock in the Co-op Store and a sheep herd. But again, they heard and gave heed to the voice of Prophet Brigham Young and responded to a Colorado settlement mission call. Fairview had grown into a beautiful Mormon village, and they loved it. The parting was hard. With two well-equipped covered wagon outfits, they joined the mission caravan on August 10 and began the long trek which ended September 20 of that eventful year, 1882. Little did they realize the trials of poverty and hardship which lay ahead in this unbroken and barren land of alkali and greasewood brush. For nine years the Brady family struggled through this mission call and was blessed with three more precious children; one of whom lived only three months. Following the mission release in 1894 they returned to Fairview.

Jordan and Mary Lavina with family in Fairview Canyon
The following pages are a memoir written by Jordan Brady

Family picture with 10 children before leaving for the settlement mission to Colorado.

Family picture including all their children after returning to Fairview in 1894.  Sarah Matilda Brady, great grandmother of my husband, Glen, is on the back row on the right side of the first picture and on the bottom row left side in the bottom picture.

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