Saturday, May 7, 2016

Wukoki Ruins

A month ago we visited the Wukoki Ruins north of Flagstaff, Arizona and Sunset Crater.

I took many pictures with my phone and it was later in the car that I discovered I had done so in black and white.  Now that it has been a month, I think they are pretty cool after all.

I included the informational signs to share the facts about this site.  Just click on the picture to read.

This structure was built on a bit of a hill near a sometimes stream and with great views in all directions.

The dates given as to time built and used are 1100 through 1200 + AD.

Fascinating structural elements and angles abound.

Wood for supports above doorways and windows would have been available in the Ponderosa pine forest to the south.

The shadows helped to define the features.

The stream bed to the west and a hundred plus feet down is on the left in this photo.

The structures are built on the north side of a fairly flat stone area.

This flat area would have provided winter sun rays for warmth and a place to work and play.

It was a majestic castle like place and with many tales to tell.  The Sunset Crater was believed to have been created during volcanic eruptions in about 1200 AD which may account for Wukoki's desertion.

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Susan Jensen said...

I like the black and white. Very dramatic and artsy. A happy accident, I'd say!