Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Arbor Day with the grands

My son's Arizona neighborhood has an Arbor Day Celebration each year.  I was their escort this year as their parents were on a weekend adventure in another state.  I didn't mind as it was a beautiful Arizona day.

My little buddy loves trucks and apparently tractors.

He couldn't wait to drive this antique model.

This neighborhood used to be a great big ranch and their is still a Farm Bureau set up including silos all by an artificial lake and beautiful park.

Home Depot was there with a project for the kids and aprons to wear and take home.

Nice tool box sweetie!  We had a great time doing many of the activities and a wonderful couple of hours outside enjoying each other and the sunshine.

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Susan Jensen said...

I love that Mabel wore her Home Depot apron to church the next day :) It was so cute.