Saturday, May 14, 2016

Views from New Harmony

For years my husband and I have traveled from Utah to Arizona and back on Interstate 15.  Before or after Black Ridge, we find ourselves driving through a beautiful valley.  The signs point out Kolob Canyon on the east and New Harmony on the west.  We've exited at  Kolob Canyon many times but west to New Harmony,  never.  On this trip, we decided that it was time and yes it made us so happy!  We fell in love with this lovely place.  All of the pictures are shown in the order taken.

By going west, you look back on this incredible view of Kolob Canyon.

Truly an amazing panorama.

Who knew that Kolob Canyon could be viewed in its entirety by driving five miles or so west.

New Harmony has a history dating back to the 1850's.  It is a charming small town.

It snugs up to the base of Pine Mountain on the west, so one has mountain views looking west.

And Kolob Canyon looking east.  This is a win, win situation.

There was new home construction  happening.

Easy to see why.  I wondered if I needed to move for a moment or two.

While in the town of New Harmony, it feels a bit like being back East with gurgling streams and lots of deciduous trees.

There were dark rain clouds above the mountains.

But it was blue skies over Kolob Canyon.  If you have never taken the drive right off of  Interstate 15 you must do so.  If you want a distant view, then go west and look back from New Harmony.

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