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Anders Olsson Nyborg and Ingra Hansdotter

Anders Olsson Nyborg was born  17 February 1827 in Kraft District, Lund, Malmohus, Sweden.  His parents were  Ole Torstensson and Ingar Jacobsson. He married Ingar Hansdotter on 13 January 1858.  The following children were born to them: Andrew Ephraim*(1861); Nephi Thorston (1863); Emily (1866): Axel Orson (1871); William (1874) Andrew Olsson died on 17 March 1883 in Mt. Pleasant, Utah and he is buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Sanpete County, Utah.

Life Sketches

Born as Anders Olsson, Andrew Olsson Nyborg was also known as A. O. Nyborg.

He took the surname of Nyborg sometime before 1853. There are rumors as to why he changed his surname but no real facts. In Denmark there is a town by the name of Nyborg. The baptismal record of the Lund Branch in Sweden has him being baptized as Anders Nyborg on the 7 February 1853, when he was 26 years old. He sailed for America on May 30, 1857 on the S.S. Tuscarora. The ship’s manifest shows his age as 28 and his occupation as that of stone cutter. Correct math would put his age at 30. He arrived in Philadelphia July 3, 1857 and proceeded by rail to Burlington, Iowa. On January 13, 1857 he married Ingra Hansdotter. She also arrived in America July 3, 1857 and probably was on the same ship. They arrived together in Salt Lake City on August 29, 1859 in the James S. Brown Company.  Andrew received his Patriarchal blessing February 7, 1860 and was ordained a seventy in the 7th Elders Quorum on February 18, 1860. He and his wife were sealed in the Salt Lake Endowment House on December 2, 1860.

***Note:  The Family Search info found on "Memories" states they were married in Sweden and coming a year or two later.

Their first child, a son, Andrew Ephraim was born in Salt Lake City in July 1861. Early in 1863 they moved to Mt. Pleasant, Utah where the rest of their 5 children were born. In 1859 the Mt. Pleasant Ward was first organized and by early 1862 the Swedish Revolt or Rebellion occurred when two and then other Swedish members were excommunicated or apostatized for what they considered trivial or unjust reasons. This took place before the Nyborg Family arrived in 1863, but perhaps influenced their lives.

Church records show that Nephi Thorston Newborg, son of Andrew and Emily Newborg was blessed by a Peter Jensen, a member of the ward bishopric, on July 26, 1863. Although Andrew didn’t bless his son about one month later, the record shows him blessing a new baby girl in the ward. In 1864 it shows him performing baptisms and confirmations for new members in the ward. Ingar, Andrew’s wife started using the name of Emily and records show that on April 8, 1866 Emily Newborg, daughter of Andrew and Emily Newborg, was blessed by Peter Jensen. From 1866 forward there are no records about the last two sons, Axel and William being blessed. Nor are there further membership listings or ordinance work for the other family members.

Joseph Page was mayor in Mt. Pleasant from 1870-1878. His administration issued some liquor licenses. Once account relates, “there is an odor of booze comes floating over the years since Joseph Page’s administration,” it also includes that “on December 24, 1873 a license was granted to A.O. Newberg.”  Historical accounts show that A.O. Nyberg along with several others constructed the Liberal Dance Hall, for which perhaps the liquor license was obtained. Andrew died in Mt. Pleasant in 1883 at the age of 56 and is buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.

Source– History written and researched by Gerald Nyborg, great-grandson

***More information found in Memories section on Family Search

Ola Torstensson was born in 1779 in Malmohus, Sweden. He married Ingar Jacobsdotter in 1818 in Malmohus. They are listed in FT with 8 children, all born in Malmohus: 1819-1833. At least four of those children died before 1851. Daughter Martha, born in 1821, married James (Jons) Jeppesson Stohl in Jan 1853. Four of the family converted to the LDS Church. Daughter Martha and son Anders Olsson Nyborg, born in 1827, were baptized 7 Feb 1853, at ages 31 and 25. James Jeppesson Stohl was baptized 17 Feb 1853. Daughter Kersti was baptized in June 1853. Kersti died 26 May 1857 at age 33. There is no record in FT of a marriage. Anders Olsson Nyborg, born in 1827, married Ingar Akesson 3 Jan 1858 in Kraft, Lund, Malmohus, Sweden. Of the 8 children of Ola Torstensson and Ingar Jacobsdotter, only two married. The families of those two converted to the LDS Church and immigrated to the US and to Utah. We haven't yet been able to find Anders Olsson Nyborg and Ingar Akesson (born Ingra Hansdotter) on a Mormon Migration ship. Perhaps they are listed with a variant surname spelling. Anders Olsson Nyborg and Ingar Akesson are listed on the trail website in the James S. Brown Company of 1859.

 Birth and death dates of the parents of Anders Olsson Nyborg:
Ola Torstensson 16 June 1779 – 27 December 1834
Ingar Jacobsdotter 16 October 1788 - 23 June 1856

Ingra Hansdotter 
Ingra was born 6 October 1835 Kyrkheddinge, Malmöhus, Sweden.  

She died 19 October 1909 in St. Anthony, Fremont, Idaho.  She was buried in the Mt. Pleasant Cemetery in Mt. Pleasant, Sanpete, Utah.  Her husband preceded her in death 17 March 1883 in Mt. Pleasant where he is also buried.
Many members of the Nyborg family had moved to southeast Idaho in the early 1900's including her son Andrew Ephriam Nyborg and his family including his son, Andrew Percy Nyborg who is my grandfather.  Special note, all three Nyborg men died at a relatively young age,  A. O. and his son, Andrew Ephriam, in their mid 50's.  Andrew Percy died at age 59 shortly before what would have been is 60th birthday from a heart attack.
Ingra lived to be 74 years old and was a widow for 26 years.  I have not be able to locate a photo of Ingra.  I was, however, able to find a photos of A. O.'s sister,  Martha, the only sibling who also immigrated to Utah and Mt. Pleasant.

Martha Olsdotter, Wife of James (Jons) Jeppesson Stohl
Sister of Anders Olsson Nyborg

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