Thursday, October 16, 2014

Sadie's Baptism Day

Last Saturday morning Glen and I arrived early at my son's Stake Center to meet him and his daughter.  This was her special day, her baptism day.  I was early just like I had been for Sadie's older sister, so that mom could get the others ready, take care of the baby, and get everyone to the church on time.

I would be there to help Sadie change into her white jumpsuit while her father changed into his.  This would be their attire as Sadie's father baptized her by immersion with the authority of the Priesthood which he holds.  This ordinance is considered sacred and is not photographed.

Once Sadie had changed back into her dress, she was confirmed and given the Gift of the Holy Ghost also by her father with the assistance of grandfathers and uncles holding the Priesthood.

We believe that Christ was baptized by John the Baptist in this same way.

Sadie's parents had been preparing her for her special day by making sure that she understood the covenants she would make on this day.

This is a very memorable occasion for the child.

Sometimes the baby just doesn't want to be in the family picture.

Or he is hungry and someone forgot his binky.  I love this precious family and enjoy them all so much.

Sadie was blessed to have all of her grandparents, along with an aunt, uncle, and cousins join her on this special day.

Daddy Dave is thrilled to show off his handsome new son who is growing up too fast.

On Sunday, we attended Sacrament Meeting with Sadie's family and watched Sadie be presented from the stand.  As Glen and I exited the building after the meeting, we passed by the doorway of Sadie's Primary classroom.  These two little girls were sitting and chatting together as they waited for the others.  There were ten children baptized and confirmed on Saturday, including these sweet girls.  Glen just had to snap a picture on his phone.  Sadie, we are so pleased for you and so happy to have shared this special time with you. 

To learn more about baptism and confirmation and other covenants made when a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints go here.

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