Tuesday, October 14, 2014

The road less traveled

Sometimes one is too busy with other things to blog and sometimes there just isn't much to blog about.  Other times life has been so full of many good things that you could blog and blog and blog.  The last week has been full of good things and I will not attempt to share it all at once.  Today I can tell you that the Utah mountains are wearing their full autumn regalia.

Last Wednesday we were traveling south to Arizona on the I 15 which wends its way on the west side of the mountains.  There was so much great color up on those mountains that we decided it would be worth the extra time to take a road less traveled and new to us to see that color up close and personal.  It was a stunner of a drive!

In Cedar City we turned left from the main thoroughfare through town and headed east.  We soon found a road on the right going to the Kolob Reservoir.  We could already see glorious color in the canyon we were soon climbing.  After a steep climb, we could see forever looking west.

Behind us, was a glorious mountain side of autumn splendor.

We knew had been a wise decision to take the road less traveled.

We soon learned that it would only get better and better.

Another view from the mountain side.  I had often noticed the windows glinting up on the mountainside above Cedar City as we traveled the I 15.  Now I knew how great this setting really was.

Glorious mountains to the east.

And other worldly views to the west.

Some parts of the drive had more color than others.

This particular section was . . .


I loved these trees thriving on the edges of an ancient lava flow.

Quaking aspen groves are so stately this time of year.

We soon found ourselves at the top where the cattle and sheep roam until corralled for market.

There was even an old truck parked nearby for atmosphere.

The log built fence zigzagged along the roadway for miles.

Easily a worthy movie set spot. . .

with truck included.

We continued on through miles of grassland but pulled out for a picture when the view was stunning.

It was often stunning.

Glen snapped this gorgeous shot from his side of the car.

I took this one from mine.

After several miles of a dirt but well graded road, we had arrived at Kolob Reservoir.

I just had to zoom in on the boaters.  What a beautiful day to be on the water.

We were not sure just where we would exit on our mountain drive, but we did get what we were hoping for, a view of Zion's Park from the west side.

Just a short walk from the car and we could see those colorful awe inspiring rocky spires of Zion's.

Such a great sight. . .

with some autumn color thrown in.

Utah never disappoints.

As we descended farther, the pine trees disappeared.

And  the vistas opened.

We continued on a now black topped road descending rapidly down the cliffs and exiting at the small town of Virgin.  We saw the aftermath of the great rain storms a month or so ago along the stream bed which the road followed on the final miles down.  Our drive ended at the main road which leads east to Zion's Park.  We turned west.

We stopped in La Verkin for a frozen yogurt treat marveling at the beautiful drive we had just experienced.  It was definitely worth the extra two hours we would spend on the road before reaching our destination.

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