Thursday, November 7, 2013

TJ's birthday quilt

Glen was a good sport and agreed to model my oldest grandson's birthday quilt.  He turned 15!!! I know, I can't believe it either.  How does time go that fast?

It is a BYU quilt and it is taller than Glen.  That is because TJ is taller than grandpa and most of his uncles.  I wanted to make sure that he could stretch and still have his toes covered.

When in Provo, we live in the shadow of the "Y".  The grandkids come and go to summer camps and events on the BYU campus during the summer so I am passing on my love of BYU to them as my mother did to me.  Thus the quilt and I had to include this picture because of the blue, blue sky which is mirrored in TJ's quilt.

When I designed the label on the back, I included some BYU letters and words.

I bought enough of that navy with leaf fabric for the back as well AND then I came across the "Y" flannel when I went to purchase batting.  It is a scrumptious feeling flannel and I knew it would make it cozy.

I quilted it on my machine and used a wavy decorative stitch and simply sewed straight across the quilt and formed 3 inch squares all over the quilt.

Because I had so much of that navy leaf fabric, I also made TJ a new matching pillow case.

I decided to include the brighter blue as well when I found the fabric printed with the words "blue and white."  I'm happy I went with the other blues because I think it makes it more interesting.

Once again I went to the pattern "Yellow Brick Road"  for this quilt.  It is a fat quarter quilt but for this quilt I bought 1/2 yard cuts of fabric and I made sure that the patterned "Y" fabric was directional and all going the right way.

The  binding is scrappy and made up of all the left over pieces of fabric.

Of course, I didn't plan on buying flannel when I went for batting, so didn't have the correct measurements.  I bought what I thought would work and was wrong, once again because it was directional.  My solution was to use a 6 inch strip of the original backing fabric and use it 2/3 down the back with the label sandwiched in between.  Maybe this quilt will travel with him back and forth from Arizona when he comes to EFY this summer.

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Susan said...

Thanks, Laurel! He loves his fun, thoughtful birthday gifts. And, he has indeed been so comfy in them that he's had trouble waking up in the mornings!