Friday, November 8, 2013

Autumn animals

While in Target searching for the pumpkin spice M & M's that Glen had heard about and wanted for his office, I happened upon these adorable woodland animals.  They were a great price and almost gone, so I snatched them up.

I even bought the bird without a beak because birds come in pairs, right?

They have made me very happy for several weeks now.

I decided that I just had to share individual pictures of each one.

I can not believe that November is already one week down.  Have you started planning Thanksgiving dinner?  I've already done some online Christmas shopping.  Only about 8 more weeks of 2013 to go.


Momgunter said...

So funny. I chuckled when I saw Glen's request. I've been looking for those M & Ms as well-unsuccessfully. Were you able to find any?

Laurel said...

No I wasn't, but my son-in-law found some. Glen wanted them for the office and his monthly class. I never got a taste :)