Friday, November 15, 2013

Birthday blog's birthday

I am not the only one having a birthday this week.  I am sharing it with two grandsons and my blog.  Yep, my blog is now 6 years old.  My amazing DIL, Sally, created it for me as a birthday gift SIX years ago!  I have chosen over the years to leave it as she designed it and named it, "A Place to Share."

The name has been so appropriate and it reminds me of my Grandma Rhoda Ann Foote Nyborg's home.  It was "a place to share" and I loved visiting her on our annual summer trips north to Idaho from Arizona.  She would pull out all her latest quilt tops and crocheting projects for  us to see and we would visually cruise her sideboard for the latest pictures of her grandchildren.  I am pretty sure that if she had been born in the 20th century instead of the end of the 19th that she would have loved to share in a blog.

Readers would have been treated to multiple double wedding ring quilts (one for each grandchild), true patchwork quilts made from the fabric pieces left over from our garment sewing (I really loved my going away to college quilt made of plaids, most from my garment sewing), and ripple afghans (one for each son and son-in-law.)  She probably could have shared a tip or two on her methods back before rotary cutters and mats.  She was a template tracer who cut out pieces with scissors and then hand pieced them all back together in a most artistic way.  She had a knack for color placement and design.  I loved to see her plastic dish pans full of fabric pieces and blocks ready for the next quilt top.

I also like to think that she would have shared all the pictures of her grands online as well and maybe there would have been a post about Velva and her kids coming for their summer visit or when Laurel came to show off her first born son and Rhoda's great grandson.

This is the first picture that I posted of my grand children in November 2007.  My how they have grown over the years, but because I received this gift, I finally had a way to journal and share in a consistent way my interactions with and pictures of them the last six years.  Come March, their numbers will have doubled and now the older ones like to explore my journal history.  I in turn, love to share our family history with them.  Thank you Sally for the perfect birthday gift.

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Susan said...

Happy birthday to your blog! I'm so glad Sally set it up for you and that you've continued to keep it updated. It's been fun to follow your travels, see your beautiful projects, read about family history, and just enjoy your upbeat, inspirational perspective on life. Here's to many more blog birthdays!