Monday, November 18, 2013

All sewn together!

All the applique blocks are sewn together.  I've been appliqueing stems and leaves on apple blocks while watching TV with Glen instead.  I so enjoyed this project.  Now it needs a border and I'm having a hard time deciding on the fabric.  I don't like what I purchased long ago.  I've also decided to hand quilt this project.  It will be something to work on after Thanksgiving and add to my Christmas spirit.  That back basting applique method I learned a couple of years ago has become my favorite kind of hand work project.


Nancy Hicks said...

Beautiful!! You are so talented.

Jacky Norman said...

I have just found your blog after searching for Night before christmas quilts. It has been wonderful going back seeing your beautiful blocks. Even better to find out you used the back basting method. I am completely new to applique and after a lot of research decided this would be the method I want to use on this my first quilt. It's wonderful people like you take the time to share what you do to inspire beginners. Thank you.