Sunday, January 2, 2011

New calendar for a new year

Notice which birthday we will be celebrating tomorrow.
It's hard to believe that it is the big "60."
That cake in the background is the "Tres Leches" one
I am making for the first time. Poor guy!
I always experiment on his birthday.
Last year it was an apple/caramel pudding cake.

I managed to finish this calendar for me today for the new year. This calendar is the sixth one I've put together over the last month. Each family received one as a Christmas gift this year. I first saw them when visiting the Church History and Art Museum gift shop located on the west side of Temple Square almost two years ago. It was called the Memory Calendar Magnet Board Kit.

I loved how the family pictures could be changed out each month. I bought one, brought it back to Mesa, and placed it on the shelf in my sewing room. This year as Glen and I discussed Christmas gifts Glen spoke of how he would love to give each family something to keep track of birthdays and special dates. We have a chart in our hallway where we add new birth dates, etc., and he wondered if we should order some of those. I remembered my calendar kit and brought it out to show him. I was soon online ordering directly from Stories by Me and committing myself to much cutting, sanding, and gluing. It has been a big project but worth it. The women in the family especially seemed to like the finished project.

There were two different color combinations. I tried to match with individual home decorating styles and colors. I included a chart of all family birthdays and a tin for storing the extra buttons including some for holidays. I loved this project and gift which honors family.

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Janae said...

Add Andrew to the list of being very impressed! We love it!