Monday, January 3, 2011

Glen's 60th Birthday Bash

Today I refurbished some Christmas decorations to announce to the world it was another "0" birthday at our house. Glen came home from the office early to help with final preparations for his birthday fiesta. Bubble machine filled and turned on - check. Frying pans ready for chimichangas - check. Fireplace ready to light - check. Heaters full of propane - check.

Luckily we made it back up to a high of 60 degrees for our 60 year 0ld party boy today.

Pinata hung - check. Old fashioned sodas on ice - check. Let the party begin!

The guests began to arrive including the babies of 2010. We are still wondering who is going to provide our 11th grandchild in 2011? Anyone?

After our meal of chimichangas, Toby used the lighter Santa left in his stocking (what was Santa thinking?) to light grandpa's candles.

Grandpa blew them out in just one try after we sang him the birthday song.

And then it was time to clap 60 times!

What a lucky man to have so many adoring little fans!

SIL Janis provided him with 60 presents. Dessert was tres leche cake with a choice of fresh fruit and whipped cream. Everyone loved it! There was also ice cream, of course.

The finale was the pulling of ribbons to open the pinata. (So much easier than hitting the pinata 2 years ago.) The grand kids filled their bags with candy and $2 bills and were on their way home early as it was a school night. My sisters, of course, were in the kitchen cleaning up.

When Glen turned "50" we picked up Mexican food takeout and took it out on a party boat on Tempe Town Lake while the sun set. Two year old TJ was our only grandchild and he was thrilled to help grandpa steer the boat. So many new people have become a part of our life during the last 10 years. We can only imagine what the next 10 years may bring!

Happy Birthday Glen!!!


Janae said...

Wish we could have been there, looks like a great celebration! We love you grandpa!

Emilia Julia and Ryan Jensen said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Glen. Hope you had a great day celebrating your 60th bday. I saw the pics and for sure looks like you had lots of fun. We so wish we could be there to give you a big hug. But here we send you a virtual big o'bear hug : )