Monday, February 27, 2017

Family History Couples are now in a book

Over the last couple of years I have been working on my and my husband's family history collecting together as much information as I could find.  I knew that I wanted to put together a picture book of our family history for my grandchildren.  When I began this endeavor, I decided that compiling the stories and pictures could be done on my blog, my online file if you will.  Thus, the category on my sidebar, "Family History Couples," if you might want to read and view more.

This was the year when I finally completed this project in time to gift the books to our five children and their families for Christmas.  Finally my dream was realized, a story picture book for my children and grandchildren.

It was mostly made possible because of  Their "Memories" section, which came online in 2014, really made it all possible.  Not only did I find stories, pictures, and documents, I also used the site for screen shots of mine and my husband's family trees.

It also served as somewhat of a table of contents.  I would love to share a picture of every page, all 35 of them, but instead give you a glimpse of our four sets of grandparents.

George Washington Jenson and Della Marie Clement.

George Lloyd Ostler and Georgianna Ricks.

Raymond Orestes Baker and Elma June Baker.

Andrew Percy Nyborg and Rhoda Ann Foote.

Most couples had a two page spread with their story on the left . . .

and pictures of them and their families on the right.

I loved compiling these wonderful stories of sacrifice, love, hard work, faith, sorrow, and courage.  The pictures I was able to find make these people real.  I hope that it will mean something to the recipients.

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