Monday, February 27, 2017

February grandchildren time

I was able to spend time with every grandchild during February, some in Arizona and some in Utah.  Ruby rode to Utah with her dad so I was able to take her the Young Ambassadors program at BYU.  We also talked, made ebelskivers and sugar cookies, visited the BYU bookstore and art museum, and went out to lunch.  It was so fun to have one on one time with her.

Right now the highlight of any Arizona trip is to mug on and play with this sweet little girl.

My oldest grandchild, TJ is now 18 and willing to be a perch for his uncle's birds.  He came over to watch the Super Bowl and eat pizza with us while we were in AZ.

Ceci has spent some time with me this month while her dad and brother ski and do other things.  Those pacifiers are a Grandpa Glen staple.  She found this one but insisted that I wash it before she popped it into her mouth.

The Utah grandsons joined us for a BYU volleyball game at the Fieldhouse.  Grandpa likes to be early and we were.  Do you see Raymond sitting at the top all by himself?  That will become my seat.  When you buy four tickets you will always need more.

Aren't they handsome boys?  Henry and Oscar came up to join Raymond.  I sent them all back to Glen when it got crowded.  I sat next to the parents of former club and high school volleyball players.  Once we watch our kids play this sport, it seems to get in our blood.  Yes, BYU Men won in three sets.

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Susan said...

I love that you make so much time for your grandchildren while you're in town. My kids really enjoyed their time with you and Glen!