Monday, August 31, 2015

Springville Quilt Show 2015

I enjoy going to the Springville Museum of Art Quilt Show each summer.  Here are a few pictures of my favorites this year.

I love applique quilts and I really liked this one.  I love the red and white border which is not only on point but has some odd sized parts.

Last year I made all the blocks for my Farmer's Wife quilt.  I even cut the sashing, corner squares , and outer triangles because I, too, wanted mine on point.  All those pieces are still waiting for me.  Mine is bright blues, pinks, and reds.  I really liked this more subdued rendition.

This quilt reminded me a bit of the current Snapshots Along quilting project I am following.  Those snapshots are pieced and these are beautifully appliqued.

This appliqued Valentine quilt is lovely with its scalloped edge and beautiful applique.  You may notice the ribbon.

A delightful sampler quilt.

Lights and darks and movement.  Beautiful! Notice the ribbon and the special little inner border.

Each block represents a different flag.  This is a historical quilt demonstrating the life of Old Glory.

A giant Bonnie and Camille Swoon mashup.  Very striking!

More awe inspiring applique.  Another ribbon winner and a creative border.

I also found this border inspiring.

More applique blocks and another ribbon winner with a beautiful border.

A giant Grandmother's Garden made over a lifetime of years.  I love the pastel colors.  So soothing.

This reminded me of an Aunt Jane quilt.  Another interesting border.

And finally, a quilt with a mind of its own!  So fun!  If ever in Utah in late July or most of August, it is worth it to go to Springville on 400 South to the museum.  It is even free although they accept donations.

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