Sunday, August 23, 2015

A summer of grands

I haven't blogged much during summer 2015, but I have enjoyed some great times with my grandchildren.  Heather was the first to arrive.  She likes a long Utah visit.  She rode her great grandmother's bike on the Provo River Trail and spent time running and practicing her volleyball skills at the Provo Recreation Center.

She is a reader as well as a writer so enjoys alone and quiet time at grandma's house.  She also took a book to read as she waited for the Stadium of Fire 4th of July event to begin at the BYU Cougar Stadium.

This sweet girl said that "Fireworks are too scary,"  She and I remained at home and she was soon fast asleep.

The newest baby is growing up so fast.  We are both happy when she comes to spend some time with grandma.

TJ, the tall one in the middle, arrived in time for the4th celebrations and brought along his best friend, Branson.  Provo East Stake was getting ready to take the youth on a trek at Martin's Cove in Wyoming so Heather, TJ, and Branson decided to sign up, too.  TJ and Branson had already trekked in Arizona but were up for the challenge again.  Heather was too young for the Arizona trek but just right for this one.  I spent some time sewing some pioneer style clothes for her to wear.

Some of the older grandchildren joined our Foote Family Association of America bus tour which included a visit to the Daughters of the Utah Pioneers Museum.  Heather and Ruby are churning butter.

The next day, the Church History Library brought up all of Warren Foote's journals and record book from storage for family viewing in conjunction with the Foote Meeting.  My son David Foote Jensen and his new son, Warren, were honored guests.

I loved that my grandchildren were able to see the actual hand writing of their fifth great grandfather.

My youngest son, Nathan, and his cute family also joined us for this special showing.

If you look carefully, you can also see my clan at the Days of 47 Rodeo held at the Energy Solutions Arena on Saturday night.  I was seated down lower with the Foote Family Group.

I am now the proud grandmother of two more "grand dogs."  These cute basset hound puppies now live in Heber with my grandsons, Ray and Henry.

They were happy to share with their cousin, TJ.

We have two grands with July birthdays so that called for a joint birthday celebration.

Grandpa Glen treated the entire clan to pizza at the Pizza Factory.  They also got their new ages made from yummy dough with cinnamon sugar on top while we sang the birthday song and clapped their new age.  Mae and Ruby are sisters with birthdays just three days apart. Other sister, Sadie, in the background always has to wait her turn.

Sometimes cousins are born just two months apart.  It was a grand day when these two lost their first tooth on the very same day!  I just had to get a picture of Mae and Oscar with matching "holes."

My oldest son has become a master of the selfie.  We went to see "The Cokeville Miracle" at the Varsity Theatre while family was still in town and he documented the occasion.  That is Heather in the middle with her friend.  She stayed with us the week both girls were going to writing camp at BYU.  My niece, Rachel, was in town for a visit and her aunts and uncle are in the next row.  Great photo bomb Lynette!

After the Arizona cousins headed home, we followed them with some of the Utah cousins in tow.

We enjoyed a quick stop in Kolob Canyon on a beautiful day.  Ray and Henry spent two full days in the Arizona swimming pool while their parents and grandparents did some sorting and packing of the Arizona house.

Now we are back in Utah where the house is now quiet and still.  Maybe too quiet and still.  The only little people I missed hanging out with this summer are Toby and Julianna.  My next trip to Arizona will have to include time with them!

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