Friday, December 19, 2014

Family Pictures

Last Easter weekend while in Arizona, we had family pictures taken in our front yard.  April in Arizona is a beautiful, warm summer kind of experience.  It has yet to be a hot, triple digit experience.  I decided after ordering my canvas cluster of prints from this photo shoot for my wall that I wanted to share those pictures on my blog as well.  Above is my oldest son Eric with his lovely family.

These are his beautiful children.

My youngest son, Nathan with his family.

A little girl will join them in 2015.

My only daughter, Janae and my second youngest with her family.

Sometimes it hard to catch the toddler at the best moment.

But she is a joy and loves her handsome brothers.

My middle child, David with his lovely family.

Their good friend was our photographer.

She knew these girls well.

I love the expressions she caught in this picture.

Their little brother was just six weeks old at the time of these pictures.  He has gorgeous big eyes and is now walking around the furniture.

My second son and his wife were unable to join us.  They have blessed me with two grand dogs.  That would have been a fun picture!

I love my family, every one!

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