Monday, December 15, 2014

A Magical Santa

I had the pleasure of taking my sister to my grandson's Christmas Program at his pre-school.

It was a delight.

They knew all their lyrics and hand movements.  I love programs presented by school students!

At the end there was a magical surprise.  Santa didn't just appear and say "Ho, ho, ho!"  He also had a few magic trips up his sleeve.  Enough candy canes for everyone magically appeared in this pan.  He also had a magic straw for sipping all that milk left out for him on Christmas Eve.  It grew longer and longer so that he could sip and fill all the stockings at the same time.

Each child waited patiently for their candy cane and a few special words from Santa.

This Santa was full of good cheer and funny remarks.

All thirty children felt like Santa really knew them.

Thank you Santa for being so personable, funny, and truly magical.

The children were pleased that you would take a group picture with them.

Santa, we hope that your Christmas Season is truly magical!

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Susan said...

What a cute program. Oscar looks SO happy :)