Tuesday, June 26, 2012

While Venus crossed the Sun

Sometimes you find yourself in just the right place at the right time.  Earlier this month we traveled with two grandchildren north to Utah.  This trip we planned an overnight stop halfway to our destination at Jacob's Lake with a side trip to the Grand Canyon.

We have driven south from Jacob's Lake several times to the North Rim Lodge area but have bypassed the road to Cape Royal.  That road is now paved and we decided to experience a different view.

We were so glad we did.  The views along the Cape Royal Road were expansive and stunning and should not be missed.

At some overlooks we were able to follow the Colorado River gorge as it crossed the plateau south of the Vermillion Cliffs and then opened up into a Grand Canyon and its turn to the west.

 The above picture shows the part of the canyon that I hiked during Christmas vacation as a high school student many years ago.  We started at Desert View on the south rim in a snowstorm and by the time we reached the Colorado River temperatures were nice and warm as we slept in the sand. It was so fun to see this view of that long ago adventure.

 So there we were at one of the wonders of the world while a celestial wonder took place in the sky as Venus passed across the sun.  More serendipity!

As the sun was slowly receding in the west, we watched the play of colors cross the canyon.

It was truly magical!

 We could see all the way across the canyon to the south rim.  That is Mount Humphreys by Flagstaff in the background.

We also walked out onto this outcropping over nature's window.

As we made our way closer, the window provided this stunning picture of the Colorado River.  Notice the two figures up on top.  One did feel that a strong gust of wind could blow one into the canyon while walking that ridge.  

The now paved road leading southeast off the main road to the lodge is a bit narrow and winding but so worth it.  Glen and I agreed that it provided the best views we have ever had of the Canyon.

This eerie shot was taken from the car as we drove back to Jacob's Lake.  Several years back there was a horrendous wildfire on the Kaibab Plateau.  The back lite burned out forest was other worldly.

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Vagabond Mother said...

Beautiful! Must stop there again, Andrew LOVED seeing the Grand Canyon for the first time several years ago.