Wednesday, June 27, 2012

She made me laugh and cry

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Because this summer will be one of bouncing from here to there, I suspended my hold list at the library.  When I went to return an overdue Elizabeth the Queen this week I decided to see if anything caught my eye for reading material this week.  That was Monday and I picked up I Remember Nothing plus another Ron Rash novel.  This meant that I was reading what Nora Ephron wrote about dying and growing old while she was dying.  I found this very disconcerting but in a way comforting.  There it was, for all the world to read on the last pages; "What I Will Not Miss" and "What I Will Miss."  I think there is a lesson here.  Make your own lists and make sure that the things you will miss are the things that are at the top of your everyday "to do" list.  Considering that Nora was just a bit over a decade my senior, I best start implementing that advice now.

Nora, thank you for being funny and real and for making me laugh and cry over the years.  My favorites, Sleepless in Seattle (Meg Ryan's hair, a house on the water in Seattle, airplane visual crossing a map of the good old USA, near misses, cute little boy, the Empire State building, and a couple finding love - I loved it all!) and Julie & Julia (food, fun, Paris, a bit awkward Meryl Streep - Perfect!)


Vagabond Mother said...

She was a really fun talent, looking forward to having a daughter to watch 'girl movies' with one day! That is pretty interesting that you were reading her at the same time.

(@) said...

She was a beautiful Woman. Her work speak to us of strength and love.