Friday, June 29, 2012

See Sally. See Sally run!

We found ourselves on the streets of Provo on a beautiful June Saturday morning.  Heather handmade a sign in honor of her Aunt Sally who had risen before dark that same morning to begin her 26 mile + run down Provo Canyon and on to the streets of downtown Provo.

We, however, had slept in, enjoyed a leisurely breakfast, and then driven as close as possible to the finish line.  We soon learned that lots of lean young women with blond pony tails were running this marathon.

And then there she was, swift and strong heading for the finish line as we madly shook our cow bells in welcome and admiration.

All of her siblings along with friends and spouses and, of course, her mother (along with MIL, me :) showed her the love.

Sally and several of her Ragnar Team members had made the trip from Arizona for the marathon where the altitude had hit them a bit as well as hills that went up as well as down in the canyon.

I'd sit down on the pavement, too.  Oh, yeah, I was pretty much doing that anyway.

Great job ladies!  I can not even comprehend such devotion nor stamina.

Your niece was pretty impressed (and don't let your daughters see this picture! I don't want them to feel left out :)

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