Saturday, December 11, 2010

Snowy mountain tops but clear roads

We spent a busy, wonderful few days in Utah. Our first morning out, the clouds were low on the mountains. I had never seen Mt. Timpanogos quite like this before.

Glen had many clients to see while I worked on some Christmas projects back at the townhouse. Glen did make time to go with me one morning to see the Bloch exhibit at the Brigham Young Museum of Art.

It was wonderful and so appropriate for this time of year as we ponder the Savior and His Gift. I also took Glen downstairs to see the Tissot exhibit.

I look at this banner and marvel at the number of "pixels" Tissot managed to include in his very detailed water colors. The original is about 8 X 10 inches. On the way out we noticed the rack full of magnifying glasses - too late for our "up front and personal" perusal. Tissot will be gone in a month so now is the time to go if you want to view both exhibits. If you go, be sure and grab a magnifying glass.

The Bloch exhibit offers an iPad rental for $3.00. Pay it! The exhibit is free, after all, and the iPad app really enhances the experience.

Go HERE for an earlier post about these two exhibits of "The Images of Christ."

On Glen's Salt Lake City appointment day, I tagged along for some shopping and the chance to go see the Lights at Temple Square at the end of the day. That meant that I spent 4 hours at Borders waiting for Glen to finish with clients. I didn't even read this time. My Christmas projects came with me. Thank you Borders for the comfy chair with a low table next to it by a big window upstairs which was next to the CD section. I enjoyed the Christmas music and the time just flew by!

We were so fortunate that Utah temperatures were in the 40's all week. It made our walk in and around Temple Square so enjoyable.

There was a light drizzle at times, but the winds were calm.

As we continued on past the Church Office Building, large nativities from many countries were on display.

It was a perfect way to end our December visit. We were on the road again the next morning and lucky for us, this trip roads were clear both ways!

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Susan said...

Glad you had such a safe and enjoyable trip. The pictures are beautiful!