Sunday, December 19, 2010

Nativity Play 2010

After an early Christmas dinner held before half of the grandchildren leave for Christmas in California, we once again reenacted the nativity. For past plays go Here.

This year our former angel took on the role of Mary. She was very careful to keep the babe in swaddling clothes.

Mary's real life father played the role of Joseph and also narrated part of the story. Other narrators included Grandpa Glen and his other sons. The shepherd was joined by a wise man and a wise girl.

The angel was on high and we also included a two year old camel who was just all over the place!

The evening ended in the backyard under a full moon. It also included Grandpa's bubble machine, front wall walking, singing "Happy Birthday" to David and Susan, and smores prepared around the outdoor fireplace. We sent them home with piles of Christmas presents, new tree ornaments, leftovers, oranges, and hyped up attitudes.

It was loads of fun!


Janae said...

Looks wonderful mom, I'm glad you had a night with everyone before they leave town.

Laurel said...

We had extra costumes! Once again, you were missed!

Holly said...

So cute! Looks like they had a great time!