Monday, March 2, 2015

February's UFO

All People Quilt randomly choose #7 for the month of February so I have been working on last year's American Patchwork Quilting Sew Along, "Tone it Down."  In Spring of 2014 I finished 4 blocks and then put them in a dresser drawer as I moved on to a more pressing project.  I had recently purchased a dessert roll of Le Bouquet Francais French General Fabric on sale so decided to use it for the main colors fabric and use light neutrals from a variety of sources.  I soon found myself buying an additional layer cake of Le Bouquet and a layer cake of Primiative Gatherings Shirtings to provide the scrappy look that I wanted.  The fabric stayed in a storage box for almost a year until  I made 12 more blocks this month and then decided that was enough.  I would like a 4 block by 4 block square quilt just fine.

On Saturday I sewed the blocks, sashing, and corner 9 patches all together.  It pretty much used up most of the neutral fat quarters I had on hand.  Even as a square quilt, it will look great on a double bed in the quest bedroom.

The Irish chain parts are different reds and rose colors.

The circles are mostly blues.

There are also some dusty yellows and greens from the Le Bouquet Francais collection.

This is the most complicated pieced quilt that I have made.  I really do like the final result.  It will remain a UFO for awhile as the quilting and finishing will be on the back burner for awhile as I work on some other timely projects.  The Challenge does seem to be pushing me along.

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Susan said...

Beautiful! The guest room looks so comfy-cozy -- it's just missing a Heather :) She'll love it.